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All the World’s a Stage in technology, Content Experiential and Influence

For centuries, the theatre has been at the forefront of telling stories that push the human condition.

We’ve been there to share the philosophy of the Greeks, we’ve been there to pushing the human condition in Italian operas, to Shakespearian tragedies to Molière’s comedies.

To revolutionary writers, composers to a musical about a founding father...we are there.

But, as technology advances so quickly, how are we going to stay ahead of it? How are we going to use the tools that are available to us to create new worlds? Here are some examples of creative ideas and technology in Content, Experiential and Influence.

LONDON - Imogen Heap • Mi.Mu Gloves

First, let’s start off where I’ve been for the past two years. London. There is so much that is happening with technology in the arts in the UK.

Imogen Heap of music and now Harry Potter

Mi.Mu gloves

Perform and create compositions by using the gloves live

Already being used by ariana grande in her performances

LONDON - The World’s First Computer Generated Musical

●The experiment began with with a data analysis of success in musical theatre by researchers from the Machine Learning Group at Cambridge University. They investigated different aspects including cast size, emotional structure, and backdrop.

●Next the team from Wingspan Productions visited a research project at Goldsmiths, University of London, called the What-If Machine. The project is all about how to engineer software that takes some of the creative responsibility in arts and science projects, and in this case the machine presented multiple central premises and key characters.

●A plot structure for the show was also generated computationally with Dr Pablo Gervás, from the Complutense University of Madrid, using a computer system called PropperWryter to build a core narrative arc.

●The music has been provided by computer music researcher Nick Collins, a reader at Durham University, who is the co-inventor the alogorave, an event where people gather to dance to music created by algorithms.

The result was a full scale musical produced in London at the Arts Theatre.

LONDON - The Encounter

And the show that originated in London and headed to Broadway, The Encounter – one of the first of it’s kind.

Simon McBurney’s performance and sound piece The Encounter (Barbican, London, and Golden Theater, New York) and the production’s use of binaural sound, conveyed via headphones for an “it’s all in your head!” effect, brought an extra dimension to the story of telepathy, psychotropic drugs, and exploration of the inner depths.

Audience members had to wear headp[hones to give them a sense of what it was like to be in the Amazon

JAPAN - Meet Geminoid F, the world’s first android actress

●Japan's first robot actress, Geminoid F This talking android fitted with a human face.  FIND NAME OF PLAY

●The play was a 20 minute play about a robot healthcare worker who is reciting poetry for a woman who is suffering from a fatal ilness

●Cost of the robot is now 776,000●
But, this trend is supporting itself to movies. A real robot actor in a movie

American History X director Tony Kaye is looking to cast an artificially intelligent robot in his upcoming comedy 2nd Born.

BERLIN - Komische Oper Berlin

Let’s head to Berlin where the Komische Oper Berlin uses Video mapping technology to create a stunning version of the Magic Flute

Mozart’s masterful comedy is richly reimagined in a boundary-busting production created by director Barrie Kosky and British theatre group 1927, blending animated film and live action in a spectacular kaleidoscope of 1920s silent movies, Weimar cabaret, the dark humour of Edward Gorey and German expressionism.

With just sheer talent of facial expression, the entire world of the magic flute came alive around them

LONDON - Hotstepper AR

Hotstepper, an AR-based navigation app that gives directions by having users follow a shirtless, strutting guide, is an excellent example of harnessing augmented reality to create novel entertainment experiences.

●A wayfinding app that follows a half naked little man that beckons you to follow him on the way to your destination.

●Simply enter an address, and your hot-stepping sidekick will guide you there, replete with a jaunty little walk and a few other moves worth watching.

the app combines the very latest in AR, geo-location and mapping technology. Using a combination of GPS coordinates, your phone’s IMU and mapping data in order to calculate your location and render HotStepper.

CHINA - AR Mail from Harbin

Let’s head over to Harbin in China where you might just get a postcard of the most iconinc Saint Sophia’s cathedral

AR Mail from Harbin is a small augmented reality (AR) application that works with a set of postcards.

Each postcard is printed with a portion of the plan of St. Sophia, the main church in the center of the city of Harbin.

A user can assemble a 3D model of the building by laying out the postcards in the proper composition.

By combining a photogrammetric capture of the church, AR technology, and traditional paper media, this tool enhances visitors’ experience at the historical location, increases their understanding of its spatial design, and promotes social interaction between the visitors on site and their friends in remote locations, all in a playful setting.

POLAND - The Last Goodbye

●I want to move onto the world of VR - A study by Foundry, a UK-based visual effects software company, found that over one third of polled UK adults wanted to try a VR experience, and overall people “are far more interested in VR and its potential applications” than expected. Last year, VR headset sales hit 1 million, and newer, cheaper options have further increased demand.

●The Last Goodbye takes us on the journey of a holocaust surviver who walks us through one of the detainment camps he was put in.
“this” is a clear example of VR’s ability to generate empathy among viewers. It takes people away from the distractions of their world, breaks the “fourth wall” of passive viewing through a screen, and puts the viewer “eye to eye” with the person telling the story, he says. It’s perhaps the closest thing we have to walking a mile in another person’s shoes.


●Ianimal was created by Animal Equality to make people consider becoming vegetarian

●You are lead through the conditions of actual slaughterhouses in the perspectives of a chicken, pig and cow

I have since become a vegetarian


I wanna talk a little bit about distribution. While I could spend my whole time talking about this, I think a lot of us know about what’s going on with modern social media…but what if it was all in one place all in one device. Let’s head over to China where we will visit one of the worlds most powerful apps.

Wechat to an all-in-one app that let users order food, hail cars, and pay utility bills through its payment function. It has made cash and credit cards obsolete for many users, and it might soon do the same to physical identity cards issued by the government. 

●Messaging, voice messaging, stickers (including badly made government ones), voice and video calls.

●Share updates and photos with friends through the Moments feed.

●Share real-time location with friends.

●Find random people nearby through the Shake and Look Around features.

●Toss Drift Bottles into a “sea” and let random people pick up your messages.

●Read articles (and tip authors) through Public Accounts owned by traditional news outlets, online media, and solo bloggers alike.

●Search everything that’s published and shared on WeChat.

●Check friends’ updates and rankings in Tencent-owned mobile games (including some of the world’s most popular titles, such as Honor of Kings and Clash of Clans).

●Send virtual red envelopes stuffed with real money to friends—especially popular during the Lunar New Year.

●Transfer money and pay in stores through the Wallet feature.

●Repay credit cards, pay utility bills, top up mobile phones, or buy wealth management products and a virtual currency owned by Tencent through the Wallet feature.

●Get access to third-party services including ride-hailing, online shopping, and food delivery through Wallet.

●Get access to public services including booking doctor appointments, applying for visas, and checking driving records.

●Use the Mini Program feature, which offers miniature, low-memory “apps” within the WeChat app itself—and basically includes everything.

BROADWAY - Social Media and AI

●Social Media Artificial Intelligence

●Mobile geotagging metadata and social media AI have significantly impacted marketing offering real-time, highly targeted market segmentation to reach the right user, at the right time, in the right place. Integrating AI into social media enables marketers to process more data, tackle mechanical tasks and spend more time on creative development and strategic implementation.

●Conversational Interfaces

Artificial intelligence chatbots are already having an impact on the customer experience. Chatbots enable companies to engage with prospects and customers using speech (natural language processing) in a seamless manner. It helps brands with deeper and more meaningful engagement and will significantly change SEO, making conversational keywords more important as the technology develops.

Talk about BroadwAI

LONDON - Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes bridges the divide between sighted individuals and blind-and-low-vision individuals

With nearly 1.5 million sighted volunteers connecting with over 800,000 blind-and low-vision individuals, in hundreds of countries and languages,

Be My Eyes has created a global network of human beings connected through their phones by the desire to help and ask for help.

For example if you a low-sighed person wanted to know how dark a location is, they can ask and see if others have inputted the information

LONDON National Theatre Smart Glasses

●National Theatre Smart Caption Glasses

●Smart caption glasses are a revolutionary new way for people with hearing loss to enjoy performances at the National Theatre.

NEW YORK - Production Pro App

Let’s head right back here to NYC where a friend of mine created a revolutionary app to help the making of shows. Production Pro.

Allow your entire cast and crew to annotate — just like on paper.

Automatically organize everything within
an interactive scene breakdown.

Automatically sort and upload your set and costume designs, and choreography videos — wherever, whenever.

Give principals and crew a headstart with early access to the script, score, production designs, and choreography.

MOSCOW - The Queen of Spades

●Queen of Spades is the first classical opera to be staged in a fully immersive format, complete with gorgeous costumes, breathtaking lighting, and lavish multimedia elements. Viewers will plunge into the world of illusion conjured by Alexander Pushkin in his famous tale and set to music by the Peter Tchaikovsky. Only 54 guests will be admitted to each performance, the number of cards in a deck.

●backed by thirty-musician chorus and orchestra. Ballet dancers will take viewers on their mysterious journey, and their guide into the world of chance, passion, and cruel fate will be Pushkin himself. The opera’s structure remains the same: three acts, seven scenes, and one singular Queen of Spades.


BARCELONA - Pay Per Laugh Teatreneu

●there is a theatre in Barcelona that’s set up a pay-per-laugh scheme for comedy audiences.

●The Teatreneu club in Barcelona has introduced the system

●a response to a spike in Spanish government taxes on theatre tickets, which has scared audiences off live performance.

●This pay-per-laugh draws on facial recognition technology. A tablet is fitted to the back of each seat, which reads audience members’ facial expressions and runs up a tab of smirks, chuckles and belly laughs. Each laugh is charged at €0.30 (24p), and once you’ve spent €24 (£19), you can knock yourself out – every subsequent laugh is free.

LONDON - The Jungle

●The Jungle

●Refugees and donations on site on this immersive-ish play

●The play was written by Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson, two Englishmen who traveled to the Calais Jungle, a tattered French migrant camp, to help its residents. They lived there and raised money to start a theater in a geodesic dome tent, which they named Good Chance.

●The theater hosted performances in music, kung fu and dance before it was forcibly taken down by the French authorities in March 2016.

●The pair turned their experiences into “The Jungle,” which ran at the Young Vic with a cast that included three former camp residents. The show depicts a grim and chaotic year at the camp and explores whether volunteer intervention actually made a positive impact. “This devastating, uplifting show is beady-eyed even as it celebrates the human capacity to build something out of nothing,” The Guardian said in its review.

●What was fantastic was that audiences were divided into a variety of countries, like the refugees themselves.

●They had contactless payments outside of the theatre so that you could manage your guilt by a quick tap of your debit card

LONDON - Welcome Refugees Dinner

●Welcome Refugees Dinner Program

There’s a crisis on the table. Every three seconds, someone is forced to flee their home due to conflict or persecution.An unprecedented 65.6 million people globally have been forced from home – among them are nearly 22.5 million refugees, over half of whom are children.

●Refugees Welcome♥ is a dinner project where refugees and non-refugees break bread and break barriers. Anyone can host a dinner – organizations, businesses, individuals, groups of friends. All you need is an open heart and a big enough table. 

COPENHAGEN - Alchemist 2.0

●Let’s head over to wonderful Copenhagen, where famous restauranter Rasmus Munk is creating The alechemist 2.0

●Munk will prepare a dinner that can stretch as long as six hours. He’ll serve 50 courses, five times as many as most ­ambitious tasting menus, as he introduces extrasensory experiences that play out in a palatial dining room.

BARCELONA - Foodini Food Printer

And back in Barcelona, tech/foodie company Foodini will even print your food

With ready made ingredients, you can pump it into the foodini and it will print your food!


Let’s head back up to the UK where we’ll go to the Glastonbury festival who is literally shifting the economics of their music festival by RFID technology

The benefits of RFID for events go far and wide for organizers and their attendees alike.

Fans can choose to link their emails, social media profiles, and even wallet with their RFID wristbands or badges before the event to engage in new ways day-of. Beyond streamlining entry and lines within the event, RFID enables fans to connect in new ways with you, your sponsors, and each other.

At the Bonnaroo festival, you could link your RFID embedded wristband with your Facebook account, take pictures at photo booths and upload them online, letting all your friends know what you’re up to. You could also upload playlists from Spotify or send Tweets directly. All of this provided organizers with huge amounts of valuable personalization and socializing data for the following year’s event.

LONDON - Fakespot


●FAKESPOT: It’s not just fake news we need to worry about. Online reviews have long been ripe

●for falsified information and bot-driven commentary. Enter Fakespot. This service scans

●reviews on sites like Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and the App Store to determine a letter grade helping consumers assess if they are receiving accurate information before buying a product or booking a stay somewhere.

CHINA - Tik Tok

And who says that Chinese apps aren’t making their way to the States? Tik Tok just beat facebook in downloads.

This meme/silly/user generated videos put the creator at the center with really meaningful and creative content.

The influence of this app has supassed anyones expectations, with the rise of the under 30s. It’s a digital haven for the new influencer.

UK - Alex Bertie

Meet Alex Bertie whose influence over the LGBT community for cataloging his experience in transitioning from female to male on Youtube.

With over 300,000 subscribers, his audience is loyal and have inspired their transition as well

LONDON - Carrie Hope Fletcher

Carrie Hope Fletcher was always in Musical theatre

She started blogging on Youtube many years ago

Now, she can emass a young fanbase, and chooses her shows wisely

From Les Miz to Addams Family to the hit musical Heathers, she’s the kid of influence the theatre was born on the internet

DENMARK - Help a Dane

●Help a Dane PR stunt to an actual movement to change their sun habits

●Every day a Dane dies from sun related skin cancer

●To change a bad habit, the Danish Cancer society decided to get the world talking about the danes

●They sent a video in the local languages to the danes favorite holiday vacations, pleading their citizens to remind their people to use sunscreen and not to roast in the sun all day

●The result made it into international news and sun safety – and locals started to distribute information, then made it back to Denmark in the news. Over 12,000 volunteers to help spread the awareness.

●The campaign helped them, saying 63% helped them to remember sun protection

NEW YORK - Miracle On 22nd Street


●All over the world, Digital platforms keep us connected. They’re deeply embedded in our daily lives. Yet they also have spawned division both online and off. We’re overwhelmed by advertising and marketing and we will see a global shift to meaningful content, clever distribution, artificial and real influence and live content with expeirential. As an industry, we’ve always led in the conversations that spark human interest, and we must continue to push the narrative. Because, at the end of the day, what we do is about human connection, with a little bit of jazz hands.

Thank you.