Series: Theatre Lounge Live!

The Society of London Theatre along with American Theatre Wing and LiveU have launched a series of acoustic performances in the theatre in both London and New York.

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WINNER! Webby Award and People's Choice Award

Serino Coyne and The Tony Awards® have been recognized with a pair of Webby Awards for the exemplary integrated digital experience we offer our fans.

In the in the “Best Event in Social” category, the 69th Annual Tony Awards (2015) won the People’s Choice Award, which is voted on by the public; and also won the category, as selected by the Webby Awards voting committee. 

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Glaub to speak at SXSW

Work. Everyone has to do it. Well, almost everyone. Gajillionaires don’t need to so this session is not for any gajillionaires. But work is a necessity for the rest of us working stiffs. Focus too little on it and you are in an endless cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Focus too much on it and you turn into a misanthropic jerk no matter what your rank is on the corporate ladder. Is there a way to stay happy while still hating that you have to work? Yes. Is it a myth that you have to love what you do in order to be happy at work? Yes. Can you be a grumpy cat and still be happy? Definitely, yes. This session is about finding that balance between work and happiness. It does exist. Sometimes.

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